Dr Rand McClain Discusses Age As A Biomarker For Healthcare

Dr Rand McClain is a key figure in the world of longevity therapies and innovative antiaging solutions. However, he is also keen to convey that he is not just a doctor – he’s also a patient. In his new book, McClain details how his past health battles do not define his healthspan or longevity, encouraging his readers to adopt the same mindset.

McClain’s new book Cheating Death: The New Science of Living Longer and Better is out on 7 March, and in it, McClain reveals his strategies for longevity and discusses what the future of regenerative medicine holds. These topics are right in our sweet spot, so we were delighted to sit down with Dr McClain to find out more.

How To Cheat Death and Aging: Hormones, Peptides and Rapamycin with Dr. Rand McClain

Do you want to actually live longer but look like and feel like a kickass Rockstar in the process? In order to do that, you’re going to need some biohacks! You’re going to need hormones! You’re going to need a couple other things that we’re going to talk about in this episode with my guest, Dr. Rand McClain. He is America’s favorite Longevity Doctor!

Dr. Rand was a two time US Olympic water polo team member. He’s a prostate cancer survivor. He’s co-owner of California Restaurant kickass restaurant. He’s absolutely amazing and his knowledge is through the roof. So we are going to deep dive today and talk about his book Cheating Death and we’re going to also deep dive into the world of hormones!

You know, I love to get other people’s take on the importance of hormones & Dr. Rand will give us his take! We going to dive into Rapamycin, and peptides! Basically we’ll touch on all those things that you need to be looking at and implementing if you really don’t want to become just an old donut. If you want to be a kick ass rock star as you age, then you need to listen to Dr. Rand McClain!

Cheating Death Book Landing Page: https://www.cheatingdeath.com

Purchase book on Amazon: Cheating Death

How to Extend Your LIFESPAN, Improve Health, & Increase Longevity | Rand McClain on Mind Pump 2075

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:00 Taking control of your health.
  • 04:13 Longevity vs. health span.
  • 11:55 The three pillars that impact your biological age.
  • 14:42 NO diet fits all.
  • 20:23 How he eats for maximal performance.
  • 26:07 Using exercise as the great equalizer.
  • 31:26 The importance of sleep hygiene.
  • 44:50 The effect of metformin on your health and longevity.
  • 53:05 How can hormone therapy impact your performance and health span?
  • 1:02:37 At what age should you investigate hormone therapy?
  • 1:08:23 Peptides for health and longevity.
  • 1:16:16 How gene editing will revolutionize life span.
  • 1:21:51 The future for stem cell therapy. 1:25:11 Advancements towards early detection of diseases and cancers.

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Testosterone, Hormone Therapy, and Peptides for Health and Longevity with Dr. Rand McClain

Today’s episode is all about hormones, peptides, and innovative treatments with my special guest, Dr. Rand McClain. Dr. Rand reveals the importance of testosterone, its effects on your body, and how to manage them. We also examine menopause vs. MANopause, the diagnosis and treatment of hormonal deficiencies, and questions from our community. Finally, we delve into the science of peptides!

From being the youngest senior account manager in Deloitte’s history, to his stint as a professional kickboxer in Argentina, to being accepted to medical school at age 37 after being repeatedly told it was impossible, Dr. Rand has never been a fan of the “status quo”.

Dr. Rand’s patients (many of which are A-List celebrities and world-class athletes) come to his practice in search of the innovative treatments he specializes in. From the latest in stem cell and hormone therapies, to IV drips that reduce trauma and anxiety, to human performance health programs and futuristic longevity treatments, Dr. Rand believes that your past health mistakes don’t define your future.


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Today you’ll learn all about:

  • [2:12] Proving doubters wrong to attend med school in your late 30s
  • [6:42] Unveiling the message behind the book Cheating Death
  • [8:24] Emotional support in hormone-related challenges
  • [12:16] Dr. Rand’s health and fitness routine
  • [15:40] Importance of testosterone and signs of low levels
  • [17:52] Comparing menopause and MANopause
  • [19:44] The decline or the early onset of the decline of hormones
  • [21:35] Effects of testosterone on fitness goals
  • [26:00] Diagnosis and treatment of hormonal deficiencies and common misconceptions about HRT
  • [29:20] Peptides versus steroids, hormones, and other drugs
  • [34:36] Hormone creams and their benefits for receptors
  • [37:42] Recommended supplement combinations
  • [42:30] Natural methods for hormone control
  • [46:50] Explaining peptides and their roles in the body
  • [50:50] Practical use of peptides in treatment
  • [55:46] Genetic testing in hormone therapy
  • [59:02] Exciting future advancements in medicine
  • [1:05:55] How to connect with Dr. Rand

Episode resources:

Dr. Rand’s website: Regenerative Health and Sports Medicine

Dr. Rand’s book

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Increasing Health Span with Dr. Rand McClain

LifeBlood: We talked about increasing health span, how to start feeling better, the differences and similarities between looking and feeling healthy, the main levers for increasing health, and how to get started, with Dr. Rand McClain, a leader in the field of Regenerative and Sports Medicine.

  • Listen to learn about what hormesis is and the role it plays in sustainable health!
  • You can learn more about Rand at DrRandMcclain.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Get your copy of Cheating Death HERE

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How to Add Years to Your Life w/ Dr. Rand McClain | Heal Thy Self

Special Guest Segment:

Introducing Rand McClain

Dr. Rand McClain, a world leader in longevity therapies & innovative anti-aging solutions, explains his ultimate pillars of living a long, healthy and fulfilling life, through cutting edge, scientifically-backed health and wellness practices.

  • What is the #1 thing you need to be doing to live longer
  • The Tripod of longevity
  • Is Napping healthy?
  • What are some of Rand’s major pillars for better sleep?
  • Showering before bed, is it healthy?
  • Eating late at night, what are the repercussions?
  • Why do some people wake up through the night?
  • The Importance of winding down for the night
  • Major pillars of exercise
  • Are HIIT workouts beneficial?
  • Is just Cardio enough?
  • Should more women be lifting weights?
  • Muscle is synonymous with metabolism
  • Foundational Nutrition
  • Finding the diet that’s best for you
  • Green tea, benefits and studies on health
  • Turmeric and curcumin
  • TOP five foods for longevity
  • All about Cholesterol
  • Supplements and Hacks for Longevity
  • STEM cells
  • Hot and Cold Therapy
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Being your own scientist to find what’s best for you
  • All about Dr. Rand McClain’s Book: Cheating Death

Knowledge Bomb:

Dr. G gives us the TOP three easy and free ways to kickstart your emotional healing and feeling better in your body and mind.

  • Three easy tips for healing repressed emotion
  • Relaxing your belly
  • Belly breathing
  • Connecting with your body
  • Identifying tension in the body
  • Where are you holding emotion
  • The body has the tools to heal
  • Bringing awareness to tension in the body
  • Connecting to the breath and voice

Dr Rand McClain reverse aging, increase testosterone naturally, HRT, TRT, sleep, steroid cycles, PCT

  • 0:000:33 Avenues to slow down aging and what makes us age
  • 11:03 importance of sleep, diagnostic wearables, aura ring
  • 16:14 how to improve sleep, Rand’s view on medications
  • 21:05 Doc’s stance on Melatonin
  • 23:54 CBD for sleep
  • 24:14 What makes Studies relevant and applicable
  • 29:49 Hormone Replacement Therapy, short cuts and weight loss
  • 32:44 Hematocrit, optimal diet for the individual and Blood Type diets
  • 37:44 Mudho DNA-Test, health screening, problem with diagnostics
  • 40:49 important blood markers for health checks
  • 44:24 prescribable peptides for neuroproteciton, cognition and HGH, life quality
  • 46:42 use it or lose it, the basics to a healthy life
  • 48:04 biggest mistakes using anabolics! And how to approach being “off”
  • 50:54 Golden era cycles and PCT
  • 51:48 PCT or TRT? Any benefits to going off completely?
  • 55:24 DEA trying to change regulations on HRT And substance control controversy

The Science of Healthspan and Stem Cell Therapy with Dr Rand McClain

Join host Doug Crowe as he engages in a captivating conversation with Dr. Rand McClain, a leading expert in regenerative medicine, on The Author Your Brand Show. Discover the fascinating world of healthspan and the transformative potential of stem cell therapy. Dr. McClain shares his expertise, highlighting the benefits of stem cells in reversing concussion damage and empowering listeners to become proactive health advocates.

In this episode, Dr. McClain emphasizes the importance of taking control of one’s health and staying informed about the latest medical advancements. He explores the promising field of stem cell therapy, discussing the extraction of autologous stem cells from fat tissue for future use. Uncover the impact of stem cell therapy on Dr. McClain’s personal health journey, including his experiences in Panama and Costa Rica.

Dr. McClain also discusses recent legal challenges to the FDA’s classification of stem cells as pharmaceuticals and the changing regulatory environment surrounding stem cell therapy in the US. This decision expands the country’s options for stem cell therapy.

Tune in to this enlightening episode of “The Author Your Brand Show” to gain insights into healthspan, the remarkable potential of stem cell therapy, and how you can take charge of your own health journey.