Dr Rand McClain reverse aging, increase testosterone naturally, HRT, TRT, sleep, steroid cycles, PCT

  • 0:000:33 Avenues to slow down aging and what makes us age
  • 11:03 importance of sleep, diagnostic wearables, aura ring
  • 16:14 how to improve sleep, Rand’s view on medications
  • 21:05 Doc’s stance on Melatonin
  • 23:54 CBD for sleep
  • 24:14 What makes Studies relevant and applicable
  • 29:49 Hormone Replacement Therapy, short cuts and weight loss
  • 32:44 Hematocrit, optimal diet for the individual and Blood Type diets
  • 37:44 Mudho DNA-Test, health screening, problem with diagnostics
  • 40:49 important blood markers for health checks
  • 44:24 prescribable peptides for neuroproteciton, cognition and HGH, life quality
  • 46:42 use it or lose it, the basics to a healthy life
  • 48:04 biggest mistakes using anabolics! And how to approach being “off”
  • 50:54 Golden era cycles and PCT
  • 51:48 PCT or TRT? Any benefits to going off completely?
  • 55:24 DEA trying to change regulations on HRT And substance control controversy

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