1607: How to Optimize Your Hormones With Dr. Rand McClain

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with renowned hormone specialist Dr. Rand McClain.

Where did his knowledge and interest in hormones come from? (2:50) The first BIG misconceptions he learned. (8:14) What makes you an “expensive date?” (9:58) Why the stigma on testosterone replacement and is the pendulum swinging the other way? (12:36) What are the health risks of having low testosterone levels? (23:34) What are the health risks of having high testosterone levels? (29:33) His issues with the standard lipid panel. (32:17) Is testosterone anti-inflammatory? (36:22) What are the biggest mistakes that doctors make with TRT with their patients? (39:43) The ‘unknown’ anabolic steroids out there and the pros/cons of each. (44:25) His take on SARMS and their cellular impact on the body. (57:48) What is the BEST way to administer steroids? (1:02:05) The four changes in quality-of-life males on TRT generally see. (1:05:48) The stigma surrounding women on TRT. (1:11:45) What is the proper dose for women? (1:17:54) What does the process look like for someone interested in TRT? (1:21:19) Why he believes stress is the BIG driver for the decline in testosterone. (1:24:15) His reasoning behind ‘roid rage’? (1:35:50)

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How COVID-19 affects a cyclist’s heart health

Wondering how the Coronavirus will affect your heart?

Whether you should ride while you’re infected with COVID-19?

What the long term health effects are as a cyclist?

How long it takes to recover from the virus?

When you can ride again after testing negative?

We answer all those questions and more in this episode, with special guests Dr. Rand McClain and Trey Richardson. Dr. McClain is chief medical officer and heart health expert at LCR Health. Trey is a Bikerumor contributor and cycling industry veteran who has extensive experience and training in physical therapy and high level competition.

Together, they share their real world experience (Trey was infected and had thorough testing done) and medical knowledge about how COVID-19 affects a cyclist’s heart, lungs, and body…and why you need to be especially careful when resuming exercise to ensure you don’t do long term damage to your organs!

For the full show notes, including a list of tests and followup checks that Dr. McClain recommends every athlete gets following a Coronavirus infection, check out the full post at https://bikerumor.com/podcast and click on this episode.

Intermittent Fasting: Dr. Rand McClain

Have you decided to start focusing on your health as you age? Do you want to keep up with the latest science-backed information so that your body remains active and strong as the years pass by? If so, you won’t want to miss this show!

Our guest, Dr. Rand McClain, is a well-known, highly regarded physician who practices in Southern California. He has worked with some of the best and most original innovators in Regenerative, Sports and Family Medicine. Dr. McClain joins us on Feisty Side of Fifty Radio to focus on his specialty in regenerative medicine, sharing the latest research on intermittent fasting as well as other practical applications we can use to regain our youthful zest for life.

So tune in and hear what Dr. McClain has to say. After all, if you want to enjoy good health well into your 80s, 90s and beyond, you’ll want to follow doctor’s orders and make your health a priority!