How COVID-19 affects a cyclist’s heart health

Wondering how the Coronavirus will affect your heart?

Whether you should ride while you’re infected with COVID-19?

What the long term health effects are as a cyclist?

How long it takes to recover from the virus?

When you can ride again after testing negative?

We answer all those questions and more in this episode, with special guests Dr. Rand McClain and Trey Richardson. Dr. McClain is chief medical officer and heart health expert at LCR Health. Trey is a Bikerumor contributor and cycling industry veteran who has extensive experience and training in physical therapy and high level competition.

Together, they share their real world experience (Trey was infected and had thorough testing done) and medical knowledge about how COVID-19 affects a cyclist’s heart, lungs, and body…and why you need to be especially careful when resuming exercise to ensure you don’t do long term damage to your organs!

For the full show notes, including a list of tests and followup checks that Dr. McClain recommends every athlete gets following a Coronavirus infection, check out the full post at and click on this episode.


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