Living Your Best Life with Your Best Health – special guest Dr. Rand McClain

Welcome to the Middle Age(ish) Podcast, hosted by Ashley Bedosky, Lisa Kelly, Dr. Pam Wright, and Trisha Kennedy Roman. In this episode, we speak with Dr. Rand McClain, author of the book Cheating Death – The New Science of Living Longer and Better. Dr. McClain is a world leader in treatments for longevity and anti-aging.

He is a wealth of information on regenerative medicine, from hormone replacement therapy in males and females, stem cells, ketamine therapy, weight loss, and so many other modalities that can help us optimize our health.

“The beauty of the medicine we have available to us now is we have a lot of options.” – Dr. Rand McClain – Author of Cheating DeathWe could have talked to Dr. McClain for hours more, as the information he discussed was truly fascinating! He has a tremendous passion for helping others. We were all ready to stock our medicine cabinets with the three supplements he most recommended as well as start ensuring we get proper rest!

Lisa Kelly to Dr. McClain, “You just sound so passionate about what you do, which is just so heartwarming.” We hope you find this discussion as interesting as we did. This was one more talk to help us all on our journey towards living life to the fullest in every season of life, but especially in this middle age(ish) season of life we are in right now!

We were excited to find out that Dr. Rand also does telemedicine and you can book a VIP call with him by clicking HERE.

You can find out more about the book Cheating Death – The New Science of Living Longer and Better by clicking HERE. You can also find Dr. Rand McClain on instagram @dr.randmcclain

If you’re a middle age woman who loves connecting with other women and chatting about relatable issues, pour up a glass of wine or a cup of tea and tune in! In future shows, we’ll be bringing in some incredible guests and specialists to talk about these issues further and bring some positivity into being Middle Age(ish). So, subscribe and follow along! Middle Age(ish): A time of transition from dreaming of who we will grow up to be and looking at the legacy we will leave behind.


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