Cheating Death with Dr. Rand McClain: Rational Wellness Podcast 299

Dr. Rand McClain discusses How to Cheat Death with Dr. Ben Weitz.

Podcast Highlights

3:15 Dr. McClain feels that there is a lot of science behind the DNA methylation tests to gauge the rate of biological aging and at this point is the best way to gauge our rate of aging. He recalls doing a test like this prior to the recently commercialized TruAge version that cost as much as $10,000. Next best to DNA methylation is testing for telomere length. Dr. McClain has developed an app, the death clock, that is a biological clock evaluation based on biomarkers.

14:35 Dr. McClain had prostate cancer six years ago and was able to cure it with a natural approach by taking specific polyphenols, including green tea extract (EGCG) and cayenne pepper. He also used Metformin to lower his sugar levels. Dr. McClain pointed out that while this approach worked for him, he is not recommending it for others with cancer.

20:36 Rather than take NAD+ precursors like NR or NMN, as others in the longevity research space recommend, Dr. McClain feels that the best NAD+ stimulator is exercise. He does recommend sustained release Beta-alanine, which improves your exercise capacity, as an anti-aging supplement. Another supplement that Dr. McClain recommends is a form of Cat’s Claw herb, AC-11, in order to help repair our DNA. He also personally takes Rapamycin once per week, which is an mTOR inhibitor for longevity purposes. While he takes Rapamycin once per week, he will use a peptide that is a growth hormone secretagogue to try and balance out the GH suppressing effects of Rapamycin.


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