The Douglas Coleman Show VE with Dr Rand McClain

Though nutrition and wellness have been ingrained in Dr. Rand McClain since childhood, his journey to becoming a leader in alternative and progressive medical treatments has been anything but orthodox. From being the youngest senior account manager in Deloitte’s history to his stint as a professional boxer in Argentina, to being accepted to medical school at age 37 after being repeatedly told it was impossible, Dr. Rand has never been a fan of the “status quo”.

Dr. Rand’s patients (many of which are A-List celebrities and world-class athletes) come to his practice, Regenerative and Sports Medicine, in search of the innovative treatments he specializes in. From bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to cryotherapy, Dr. Rand has dedicated the past 35 years to redefine what it means to be in optimal health.

In his book, Cheating Death: The New Science of Living Longer and Better, due to be released in January 2023, Dr. Rand takes a fresh approach to genetics, natural aging, and proactive medical treatments by sharing the best drugs and supplements, treatment methods, and devices—approaches that are backed by extensive research, as well as outlines how readers can get access to these therapies to jumpstart their body’s regenerative processes. Bolstered with research and recovery stories from real people, Cheating Death gives readers the tools to live healthier, longer lives.

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