869 – Dr. Rand McClain: Peptides and Hormones

On this episode we have one of the leading experts on hormones and peptides, Dr. Rand McClain!

Peptides are emerging into the health and fitness space as one of the most beneficial and impactful supplements on the market, because they have been shown to produce unbelievable results with minimal (if any) side effects at all. This is primarily because our body already makes these amino acids. But because they are so versatile, scientists can create any combination of them to formulate peptides for whatever desired effect they want. Again, making them extremely beneficial AND in demand.

Which is why we brought Dr. Rand McClain on the show! To give us a “Peptides 101” master class, while helping us also understand how they are connected and interrelated to hormones in the body.

So join us and learn what peptides are, how they work in the body, how they work, the connection to hormones they have, and the results they can produce for everything from body composition to health to longevity.

And make sure you order Dr. Rand McClains new book, “Cheating Death: The New Science Of Living Longer and Better”. HERE

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